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Friday, October 19, 2007

Leadership and Teamwork - Requirement To Get The Job Done

Leadership and teamwork often go hand in hand. Teamwork requires leadership with vision of a clear goal, a flow of strong communication and the inspiration and drive to get the job done.

Here are a few techniques to build a cohesive team.

Build on collaboration: Individual competition can be detrimental. You do not want competition between team members. Remember to look at the team as whole.

Delegate: Offer clear expectations and instructions so it is clear who is to do what and when.

Define the reporting structure clearly: Make it very clear who is in the lead position and who is accountable and for what.

Incentives for the group to share: A little something extra to look forward to when the work is accomplished.

Communicate clearly: Your team needs to understand clearly what your goals and expectations are. You need to be on the same page. You may have a very different idea than your team members about what you are striving towards.

Provide professional development seminars: Continued development of leadership and educational materials will help keep your team on its toes.

Give the team the opportunity to make and implement decisions: Democratic leadership skills allow for input from the team. This has been determined as the most successful style of leadership. If people have a sense of ownership they will perform to higher standard.

Settle confrontation and conflicts immediately: Recognize conflict before it festers and grows. It is better to meet it head on before it takes on a life of its own. Be consistent with your approach in this area.

Welcome a variety of viewpoints: People come from different backgrounds and bring with them experiences that differ in many areas such as education and culture. Capitalize on these resources.

Encourage two-way communication: a lack of truth and honesty can have a high cost financially and undermine effective leadership. Don't expect that other guy knows the score if you have not given him an update.

Provide access to resources necessary to accomplish your goal: When a new building is constructed from poor quality materials do you expect it to stand the test of time? You can apply the same theory to any productive situation. Necessary resources are essential to getting the job done.

A team is a valuable resource: With it comes the opportunity to tap into and use the varied expertise of its members. Feedback and suggestion from people who see different sides to an equation and can spark creativity and can be a positive asset. Finally, a good leader inspires the team to attain his goal through his vision and takes responsibility for the actions of the team while giving credit to the team for a well-accomplished job.

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